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In the year 1974 "Glühtechnik Grube" was founded by Mr. Friedrich Grube as a sole proprietorship, which carried out its first order for the company Esser in Gelsenkirchen to their fullest satisfaction.

After a phase of quick growth in the eighties the company then already employed 25 people. In 1989 the company was renamed "Wärmetechnik Grube". 2001 became a fateful year when Friedrich Grube died after a serious illness.

The company however remained family-owned as Andreas Grube took over the business.
For the young entrepreneur it was not an easy task to face the tough competition after just having completed his apprenticeship and only with a short assembling experience.
But with the help of experienced and qualified employees the company has developed further, and, as a result, in 2005 the "Wärme- und Glühtechnik GRUBE GmbH" was established with its managing director Andreas Grube.

To face the daily competition and to compete on the open market is a challenge, the Wärme- und Glühtechnik GRUBE GmbH is willing to meet. Quality, health, safety at work and environmental protection play an important role. Processes become more and more complex and the flood of information is overwhelming. However, we are highly committed to ensure and improve the quality and safety in our company and therefore have established a quality- and EHS management system, which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and SCC.

In addition to the determination and evaluation of possible risks further aspects of data security and protection are considered. Furthermore we strive to constantly improve ourselves.

During the past years the Wärme- und Glühtechnik GRUBE GmbH has managed numerous projects all over the globe. From the Chemical Park Marl to the Russia-pipeline at the Black Sea, from Bavaria to Algeria - the Wärme- und Glühtechnik GRUBE GmbH always comes into play whenever superior quality and flexibility is required.

    Our areas of operation are:
  • pipe assembling
  • pressure vessels
  • pipeline construction
  • ship building
  • plant construction
  • large container construction
  • conveyer technology
  • tank construction
  • biogas plants
  • medical engineering
  • nuclear power plants
  • high pressure lines
  • gas mains
  • vehicle construction
  • metallurgical industry
  • steel construction
  • heat exchangers
  • machine building
  • boiler construction
  • wind power stations
  • petrochemical industry
  • turbine construction
  • aircraft construction
  • coal-fired power plants
  • apparatus engineering
  • and many more...
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More than 100 employees have been working with our company.

Our personnel services are available 24 hours a day under
+49 (0) 180 - 56 56 356 for pre-heating and annealing works.