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Industrial services


- Industrial services


Support in case of staff shortages.

Do you need additional staff at short notice? With its qualified specialists the Wärme- und Glühtechnik GRUBE GmbH offers a reliable personnel service. Simply call - and we make annealer, metal worker, electricians or fitters available for your project.

Whether its day or night, weekend or public holiday - we react immediately!

Our skilled staff will be with you in next to no time.

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+49 (0) 180 - 56 56 3 56

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 heat treatment service:

The most important process to reduce residual stress in welded components is the thermal relaxation, also known as stress relief annealing. Among other things belong to our services:

  • pre-heating
  • stress relief annealing
  • tempering
  • effusion annealing
  • diffusion annealing
  • normalising
  • solution annealing
  • drying
 Manifold tasks - one contact partner. Our areas of application are for example:
  • pipe assembling
  • pressure vessels
  • pipeline construction
  • ship building
  • plant construction
  • large container construction
  • conveyer technology
  • tank construction
  • biogas plants
  • medical engineering
  • nuclear power plants
  • high pressure lines
  • gas mains
  • vehicle construction
  • metallurgical industry
  • steel construction
  • heat exchangers
  • machine building
  • boiler construction
  • wind power stations
  • petrochemical industry
  • turbine construction
  • aircraft construction
  • coal-fired power plants
  • apparatus engineering
  • and many more...


 Qualified and certified:


•VdTÜV Richlinie
• AD-Merkblatt HP 7/1 „Wärmebehandlung, allgemeine Grundsätze
• KTA 3201.3, Punkt 8 „Wärmebehandlung"
• AD-Merkblatt HP 7/2 „Wärmebehandlung Ferritische Stähle"
• AD-Merkblatt HP 7/3 „Wärmebehandlung Austenitische Stähle"
• DIN EN ISO 9001
• DIN EN ISO 17663
stress relief annealing


heat treatment service