Deutsch: GlühtechnikSprache wählen - select languageenglish: heat treatmentVorwärmen, Spannungsarmglühen, Diffusionsglühen, Wasserstoffarmglühen, Effusionsglühen, Normalisieren, Lösungsglühen, Austrocknen
Industrial services



Service means to take over responsibility.

Today, service is more important than ever before. But service also means to take over responsibility.
Responsibility not only for the reliability and durability of the treated components, but for the health and safety of the employees as well.

The Wärme- und Glühtechnik GRUBE GmbH is leading in the field of thermal relaxation.

Regular training and inspection by the TÜV, internal and external SCC examinations in addition to a close cooperation with the employers' liability insurance associations ensure a high quality standard not only in the technical field but also in the areas of health, safety at work and environmental protection.

Our commitment to high quality and performance we have documented in our quality and SGU management system, which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and SCC**.

24 hour on-call service - fast help for your project.

Service-Hotline: +49 (0) 180 - 56 56 3 56
Emergencies do not adhere to closing times.

However, it is important that quick help does not come at the expense of quality.

The Wärme- und Glühtechnik GRUBE GmbH is specialized in emergency response and makes skilled personnel available around the clock.

Whether on weekends, public holidays or at night - fast and qualified help is guaranteed.

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